Strive Towards The Highest Standards Of Commitment

Rocksfund is an independent financial services firm committed to sustaining the financial success of our clients. We support our clients in achieving a lifetime of financial security – whether through financial planning or investment management.

We strive to equip our clients with comprehension and confidence to make the best decisions for their future. We help high-net worth clients manage their wealth and provide advice on financial planning. Our consistent interaction with clients is what makes us their most trusted advisor that meets all of their requirements, and well beyond their finances.

We dare to challenge conventional wisdom in our approach to participating and preserving wealth. All of our vigour, obligation, and determination are focused on clients and their satisfaction.

Our Investment Philosophy

Long-term Investment Prospect

In our experience, investing successfully means taking the long-term view. Investing with a long-term mindset focuses us on what really matters for continuing investing achievement.

When it comes to investing, a longer term approach is absolutely the way to go.


We create a balanced risk portfolio designed to decrease the reliance upon the market performance to accomplish positive portfolio returns.

Our review process ensures that the content of your portfolio responds to changing markets and continues to be in line with your risk appetite.

Collaborate Effectively to Innovate

We act as one team and bring together our knowledge, talent and creativity across major asset classes.

By building effective collaboration, we can exploit great opportunities for you and increase the value of your assets.